05Jul / 2015

Case Study – Hamptons Grass Patio & Pool Get a Makeover

Pool Rehab and Patio Makeover - The Beginning1

Revamping Pools and Patios is this Summers Trend

What a beginning to the summer! We have started experiencing a big increase in clients looking to revamp and makeover┬átheir pool and patio areas. We’re talking big bold new avenues that completely redine their space. Whether its adding a kitchen area and new lighting or changing the current pool deck to another material, ie “grass to flagstone’ or “concrete to pavers” the options are limited only by your imagination. So if your pool needs a makeover take a look at the one we completed below. Its a Hamptons inspired lawn area & pool that needed help.

The Makeover

The pool makeover scenario we want to take a look at today involves removing grass and dirt and replacing it with the right amount of concrete topped by Patterned Pennsylvania Bluestone while leaving natural elements and adding lighting.


This was such a cool trend in the 80’s and 90’s but in this case it was time to go, it presented a challenge with upkeep and cleanliness for the client and it was just time for a change so we brought in a Bobcat to carefully dig up the dirt and grass around the pool. We had to be careful of the lines and electrical running across the ground while we were digging so some had to be done by hand to ensure safety. In all we removed around 40 cubic yards of dirt.

In all we poured 35 cubit yards of concrete around the pool. We made sure to leave natural areas with trees and bushes to soften the area. We had a couple days of forming, pouring and curing to prep the area for the stone. We also put in a very long french drain to move the water away from the house.

This one was fun! We had to takeout time to locate it. Ended up being a caulking issue in the filter area. After we found it it was an easy fix. here’s to the power of caulk!


Before Photos

More photos to come…